some advice on setting up a facebook page

My friend B is a model/entertainer in New York City. Recently, he decided he needed a Facebook fan page instead of a profile for his professional career. Now that he’s got his fan page set up, he’s trying to attract more fans. Here’s the advice I gave him.


B: How do you get more people to your fan page?

Me: Hmm…there are a few ways.

1. Regular Postings
B has a very cool “motivational but i don’t take things TOO seriously” vibe going on. His posts from his personal account are always interesting, varying from what he’s doing for the day (like appearing on the Wendy Williams show) to inspiring messages about how fun life is when you follow your dreams. I suggested he come up with a daily series-type post, something that people would look forward to in order to help him build an audience. This can work for any kind of audience.

2. Content
Interesting content is another element that draws people to Facebook pages. One of the reasons I “liked” Toby Lightman’s page is all of the music she has available. This part is pretty easy for him.  Being a model means B has tons of pics available to create albums with.

3. Promote and Support Other People’s Pages
Facebook recently made a change where you can sign in as your page. I suggested to B that he “like” the pages of other models and musicians–people he knows  and people he’d like to connect with. Making comments on other people’s pages while you’re signed in as your page helps you build mutually relationships.

4. Consider Using a Landing Page

I’ve found that using a landing page increases the likelihood of a person “liking” your page. Here’s a post that features some cool landing pages; it’s targeted toward musicians, but will work for most anybody.


So, was my advice on point or was it lacking? What would you add to it? AND–do me a favor and like his page, will ya? 🙂


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