business advice from tyra banks

Not sure how I missed it, but last year Tyra Banks wrote a series for Vogue Black called “How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life.”

Step 1: Take a Moment
“Think about all the things you need to do change to take charge of everything you do.”

Step 2: Build Confidence
“First impressions are key in being your own CEO.”

Step 3: Dress to Impress
“…clothing is the first thing people will judge you on.”

Step 4: Make a Plan
“You should make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.”

Step 5: Build relationships!
“I would never have accomplished my dreams without the help of others.”

Step 6: Practice Humility
“Take credit for what you should and give credit to those who deserve it.”

Step 7: Get Organized!
“If you aren’t organized it is impossible to be successful.”



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