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facebook for economic development

Here’s a quick link after a hiatus! If you use facebook for economic development, particularly for chambers of commerce, then you’ll find this video from Development Councillors International very helpful. If you’re just getting started with social media, this will help. If social media is already a part of your strategy, you may pick up good ideas from it. Check it out here.


11 useful hashtags for chambers of commerce

One of the things I love about Twitter is its ability to connect you with people you may not encounter otherwise. Hashtags, those little links that help categorize tweets by topic, are very useful in connecting you to specific audiences. Here are 10 hashtags that you’ll find useful if you’re running a chamber of commerce’s twitter account. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve added longer clarification for those that are a little less obvious.

1. #bham–Birmingham, AL

This is the city I tweet about! It’s a fantastic place, and this hashtag helps me keep up with what’s going on here as well as connect with other people who live, work and play in Birmingham. Your city/state/regional hashtag is the most obvious connector.

2. #blueprintbham Blueprint Birmingham

Blueprint Birmingham is the strategic plan for the 7-county metro region. It’s essentially our signature campaign. If you’ve got a similar signature campaign or theme, you should create a hashtag for it.

3. #alpolitics Alabama Politics

This hashtag keeps me abreast of political news in Alabama. It’s also come in handy when we’ve hosted candidate forums for various political campaigns.


News for new businesses; also helps budding business owners find you.

5. #economicdevelopment

Connect with people who specialize in economic growth.

6. #jobs

Helps you get opportunities to the jobseekers who are looking to work in your region.

7. #yp (Young Professionals)

Let young professionals know when something you’re doing is of particular interest to their demographic.

8. #greenbiz (Green Business)

One of the most dynamic business sectors out there; every chamber should keep its eye on Green Business.

9. #smallbiz (Small Business)

Seminars, articles, resources–the list goes on and on with small business. This tag can really help you become a resource.

10. #innovation

Appropriately, one of the business incubators in our city is called Innovation Depot. A lot of cool, cutting edge information is attached to this tag.

11. #entrepreneurship

Become a resource for and connect with entrepreneurs.

Have you found any of these tags to be useful? What other hashtags are you using, chambers?

chamber notes: how chambers of commerce can use social media

A little more about me: In 2008 I began working for a city magazine that’s owned by a chamber of commerce. I spent 6 months working in the editorial department and another 6 working in the ad department. Around the end of that year my uber cool boss, our VP of communications, presented me with an exciting and challenging opportunity: he gave me the chance to run our social media efforts. Sort of a write-your-job-description-as-you-go-along deal.

Of course, my first step was RESEARCH. Finding social media tips for magazines was fairly easy; for chambers of commerce, not so much. That’s why I’ve started this category, Chamber Music. I’ll talk about some of the things I’ve learned as a community manager for a chamber, and hopefully others will share their knowledge, too. With that in mind, here are a few ways chambers of commerce can utilize social media.

  • Publicize Events
  • Promote Members
  • Solicit Input
  • Generate Buzz for New Initiatives
  • Share Jobs
  • Build Relationships
  • Be a Cheerleader for Your City

I’ll elaborate more on these in the future, including which platforms work best for which efforts. If you use social media for your chamber’s communications, what are some of the things you use it for?