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reintroducing myself…

Hi, I’m Tatiana.

You may be wondering what happened to all the literary posts that used to be here; don’t worry, they’re not gone. They’ve just been moved. You can find them here.

This space is going to be used to talk about things I have learned/am learning as a communications professional in this Web 2.0 world we now live in. Hopefully, other inhabitants of this brave new world will join me.

When I first entered the field in December 2005, people were trying to figure out how print and other old school media could compete with the web. The Facebook was just a new, fun thing on campus that you played with instead of doing your real work.

Now, a little more than five years later, traditional media understands that the web is a vital tool that HAS to be integrated into its day-to-day, not a competitor looking to gobble up its audience. And Facebook? It is my real work now.

And just what is my work? It’s hard to say. It’s equal parts journalism and PR along with a dash of marketing. It’s a lot of learning as I go. It’s storytelling. It’s media. It’s pretty damn cool.