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from cyberdreams to reality: 9 questions for ::MIRRORCHECK::

Inspiration for those of you who want to quit your day job. (Note: I prepared this MONTHS ago, and good things have happened for Krystle since then! Be sure to check out her blog.)

–Who are you, and what do you do?
I’m Krystle Michelle a wardrobe stylist, and style blogger.

–How did you end up doing this?
I spent my senior year in college wondering if I had made the right career choice as a computer programmer. In my heart I knew that it was definitely the wrong choice. Even though I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and a job that provided me so much necessary security, I wasn’t as happy as I saw myself being. I asked my parents for guidance on what I should do and they told me I had two options: leave my job to pursue the happiness I longed for or stay and get over it. (lol) I worked for almost two years and left my corporate job. I felt like my passion for pursuing my dreams was being held back by the comfort of being secure. Since leaving my job, I’ve had the opportunity to gain more styling jobs and personal shopping clients.

–What social media platforms are you active on (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? –Which has been the most useful for you, and how?
I use Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and in the process of finding a way to use Tumblr effectively. These sites are the more general social media outlets that I use. I use Blogger for my style blog. Twitter has been the main avenue for promoting my Blogger site. There are other genre specific social media platforms that I use to promote myself in the fashion industry, those are Chictopia, IFB, and Model Mayhem. If I were to compare those to any of the more general social media sites, they would be similar to Facebook.

— Can you describe a specific instance where social media was instrumental in helping you achieve a certain goal?
I use Twitter all the time to find emerging fashion and accessory designers to feature and interview on my blog. Four of the interviews I’ve conducted have all come from an interaction on Twitter.

–What’s next for you/your brand?
I am working on building my styling portfolio. I would love to get in contact with all types of designers and complete more interviews on my blog. I also want to open an ecommerce store selling clothing as an extension of my style blog.

–What’s your dream project?
I’d love to get with an amazing creative team and gather fashion editorial submissions for magazines. I ulitmately want to have work published in Vogue Italia.

–Tell me about someone who’s social media presence you admire–an entrepreneur, a blogger, a brand, etc.–and what makes them great (and a link to them, of course!).
Unfortunately, no one comes to mind.

–Where can we find you on the Internets? and she’ll help you find my cyber existence 🙂


business advice from tyra banks

Not sure how I missed it, but last year Tyra Banks wrote a series for Vogue Black called “How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life.”

Step 1: Take a Moment
“Think about all the things you need to do change to take charge of everything you do.”

Step 2: Build Confidence
“First impressions are key in being your own CEO.”

Step 3: Dress to Impress
“…clothing is the first thing people will judge you on.”

Step 4: Make a Plan
“You should make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.”

Step 5: Build relationships!
“I would never have accomplished my dreams without the help of others.”

Step 6: Practice Humility
“Take credit for what you should and give credit to those who deserve it.”

Step 7: Get Organized!
“If you aren’t organized it is impossible to be successful.”


help tuscaloosa

Last week,  Tuscaloosa, AL was hit by a massive tornado that left hundreds of people dead across the state. My soroity sisters are collecting supplies to help the children of the Boys and Girls Club; pleas help if you can.

Dear Theta Sigma Alumni,

 We are living in one of the most devastating times of the city of Tuscaloosa’s history and we need your help. Our hearts reach out to those who have lost everything including their lives. While we wish we could help everyone in Tuscaloosa, we would like to reach out to the children of the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama. Our organization, The Theta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, have worked closely with this establishment for years. The Boys and Girls Club has worked diligently since March of 1961 to greatly serve the community by providing a “Positive Place for Kids”. Tragically, they not only lost their facility but three of their enrolled students to the tornado and three are still missing. The rest of children who survived are left with nothing, not even the bare essentials such as underwear and toothbrushes. For these reasons, we have decided to take these little ones in our arms. We will be supplying each child with a book bag filled with life necessities such as underwear, soap, T-shirts, & etc. We hope to make at least 300 book bags depending solely on contributions.

The following items are needed:

Book Bags
Ziploc Bags (sandwhich and gallon sized)
Girls or Boys underwear (all ages)
Towels & washcloths
Pads,tampons,wipes(teenage girls only)
Coloring books& crayons
Snacks (chips & juice &candy)

We will take whatever you can provide. We are willingl to pick up the items from wherever you specify in the Tuscaloosa area. Below, I have provided the address to the AKA house as well as a primary shipping address for delivery purposes. We will be distributing book bags on Saturday May 7th, 2011 on the site where the Boys & Girls Club once stood. Saturday will approach very quickly, therefore, we ask that you have the supplies ready to be picked up by Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at latest. Also you can bring items by the AKA house all day on Thursday & Friday.  If you are mailing items please do so by Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011, so they will arrive in time. If you want to donate extra supplies, please do so, there is no limitations on your giving. You will be please to know that your supplies will be given directly to the children.

This tragedy is beyond one chapter or even beyond one organization. Your donation may be the one ray of hope these children have seen since the lost their parents, homes, or siblings. Please keep these children as well as Tuscaloosa in your prayers.

Please notify me as soon as you can of your contribution so we may keep track of incoming supplies.  If you need directions or have any questions at all. Please contact me at 205 746 7354.

God Bless,

Priscilla Pauley
Theta Sigma Chapter
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc
 Primary Shipping Address:
301 Helen Keller Blvd
APT P 164
Tuscaloosa, Al 35404

AKA house address:
911 Magnolia Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401